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Na voljo je tudi slovenska različica tega obrazca.

  • 1. Company information

  • 2. Person Responsible

    I Agree that if the nominated product is registered, certified by a jury - Product of the Year, and will therefore be part of the survey, payment for the survey of 1.190 EUR + VAT will be finally adopted. In case of refusal by a Jury of Product of the Year or in any other case where nominated product will not be in survey, full amount will be refunded in to the above account (Company account) by the organizer.
  • 3. Product information

  • Describe the novelty, change, innovation of the product in Slovenian language data, together with a picture and recommended MPC will presented to consumers in the PR (min 200 - max 300 characters)
  • English translation of description
  • must not be older than 18 months from 1.1. of current year
  • For the purpose of commercial activity (width, height, depth)
  • Products features
  • Datoteke povlecite sem ali
    Accepted file types: png, jpg, pdf.
    An image of the products or products on white background.